The problem

Disaffiliation from organised religion, growing rates of social isolation/loneliness, and lack of shared grand narratives, are some of the phenomena underlying the Meaning Crisis that defines the age we live in.

The Problem

We live in a global anxiety economy. As the technology-fuelled landscape is constantly  morphing, humans find it harder and harder to navigate their realities. They are out of sync - meaning our outer reality and inner world are disconnected. 

Our mission

To enable people to recalibrate their everyday habits and create empowered, connected communities that align around emotional resilience.

Our vision

To redefine the future of wellbeing by designing better humans that can thrive in a chaotic world. We are committed to rewiring your mindset and creating a space for lasting change rather than quick fix pledges.

What we offer

Raw, real and candid yet intuitively empathetic; we are reframing the conversation and experience around wellness. We insist on an unrelenting rebellion to toxic positivity and an increasingly vacuous landscape of happy pills and empty promises.